Bora Bora


The Bruscella’s in Bora Bora, it had a ring to it and since we had both exchanged rings, I felt it was an appropriate honeymoon destination. What a dream come true. An over water bungalow in tropical paradise. It is a perfectly picturesque destination. We stayed a short 3 nights, it was expensive 3 day. I wish I didn’t remember that it was expensive, but I do. We had a wonderful day at the spa and had a massage while looking through the massage bed at an underwater aquarium. I did the math in my head and with the currency exchange rate I thought it was around 100AUD once we checked the credit card we noticed it was 1000AUD. It is completely acceptable to indulge a little on your honeymoon though.

We stayed at the resort for our adventures in Bora Bora as we had the island to ourselves, it was peaceful, tranquil, relaxing and stunning.


We stayed in 5 star luxury
InterContinentalBora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa



Eat & Drink

Swim or canoe in the lagoon

Step off your deck of your luxury over-water villa into the warm embrace of a tranquil lagoon.

Sunset cruises on the surrounding reefs

Pamper yourself at the spa

Candlelit dinners beneath swaying palm trees

Take photos in every direction

Get all romantic

Rhianna Bruscella