My very first overseas adventure! 

That feeling of pure happiness, the world at our feet, the two of us, escaping the daily grind, free to do as little or as much as we pleased. 

We landed in Phuket and I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of being harassed, it seemed that everyone wanted to drive us from the airport to our hotel. James chose a lovely young man who drove erratically and dangerously for the longest twenty minutes of my life. Surprisingly we arrived safely, with our luggage. It didn't take long for the crazy driving to become normal. 

We were very lucky to be in Thailand between the 13th - 15th of April to experience Songkran. A massive water festival to celebrate the Thai New Year! An unforgettable and very wet three days! 

A day trip to Phi Phi Island / Maya Bay were a must do for breathtaking views and snorkling. TIP is to go with a small tour group. 



The first place we stayed was a three star resort 'Baan Puri Phuket' it was heavenly and very fitting for my first overseas accommodation. Like all accommodation in Phuket it offered a stunning pool, pool bar, amazing serve, all you can eat breakfast (I would advise not to eat the ham from the watery bay marie)  It was a short tuk tuk ride to Patong Beach and Bangla Road. 

The second place we stayed was 'Thara Patong Beach Resort' it was a four star resort, which I found to be slightly less amazing than our previous resort. They had a slight ant problem, but it was beautiful all the same. 

To finish our first overseas holiday together on a high we stayed was the mind blowing, five star 'Sea Pearl Villas Phuket' AMAZING! It was further away from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach and Bangla Road, but absolutely worth it! The best service and had everything including a private jacuzzi. 




Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay day tour

Lagoon at Bat Cave Day Tour

'John Grey' Tour offering and blessing

Watch a movie in a Thai cinema. Shop.

Visit Bangla Road. Have a drink at the Aussie bar, meet lady boys and dance the night away. 

ATV bikes, roller ball, fish feet spa.

Nothing other than sip cocktails in the pool bar 

Eat out! Our favourite places to eat were Marco Polo Pizza and a Thai restaurant on Patong beach that had the best and riduculously cheap prawn pad thai.