New York


Second stop on our honeymoon, New York. Despite my lack of Winter clothes (seriously I was on my honeymoon and thought the entire holiday was going to be a tropical paradise) and the fact that New York in April is FREEZING, not snowing unfortunately, the air is simply icy! I fell in love, I could easily have stayed for six months. With so much to see and do. For a big city, New York sure is pretty!



We stayed in Times Square at the Sheraton It was very central. They were in the process of upgrading the hotel during our stay. 



Central Park Tour on the back of a bike. 

Visit the Guggenheim Museum 

Hang out and shop in Times Square. I would love to go back in Winter while it is snowing to watch the ball drop on New Years. 

Empire State Building... So tall - I was actually scared of heights for the first time.

I LOVED the Rockefeller tour and ice skating. 

Visit the sights - Sex and the City, Seinfeld.

Sit front row at a basketball game! I thought we would be sitting with JayZ and Beyonce, but sitting a few seats from Phil Collins was epic.

Go to a comedy show at Dangerfields. 

Twin Tour Memorial.

Statue of Liberty.

There are so many things to do, I need to go back!

Rhianna Bruscella