Las Vegas


Upon arrival we were greeted with poker / slot machines at the airport. I’m not going to hold back, for the first few days in Las Vegas I thought I was in tacky town. People handing out flyers to silly shows, the over sized novelty icons. BUT it grew on me.

The shows are forever changing and lots of fun. We watched CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, two comedy shows, a dance show and our favourite - a magic show! Although my husband was asked to go on stage with David Copperfield so I may be slightly biased. Shopping centers are huge, the main drive is familiar and you have a feeling that something wonderful is about to happen or that someone famous will pop out.

A short drive from the lights of the city and you find yourself flying through the most grounding, soul seeking place on earth, the Grand Canyon. I was in ore of the scale of the canyon and have never felt so small. I walked straight in to a cactus and still had a wonderful time! To learn stories from the native Navajo people was incredibly special and something I will never forget.


We stayed at the Ballagio I was completely shocked and disgusted that they still allow smoking in the hotel. Beside the smoking, it was a nice stay and a great location.


Fly through the Grand Canyon

Go to all the shows

Casino Hop

Visit Downtown Las Vegas

Hit the shops

Stratosphere for the thrill seekers

Ride the High Roller Observation Wheel

Rhianna Bruscella