When I glace over my own instagram page it is far from perfect, I capture my images on an iPhoneX. I know I’ve lost a few people after writing that, so thanks to the few who are still reading. I am flattered you’ve stuck around!

There are so many beautifully curated instagram accounts and wish I knew their secrets! @christine_simplybloom and her incredible instagram feed fueled my passion. I am in ore of her beautiful photos and her unique style. Christine recommend the app VSCO, which I started using. The preset I selected didn’t showcase all the stunning blue skies that frequent my photos. I researched other presets and found myself buying preset after preset. 12 in total. It did help to use some of these presets as a reference while I was searching to create my own, but for the most part they were too grey, too grainy, too orange, too blurry, not my style or completely ridiculous.

I YouTubed how to use Lightroom! This is the best place to start if you are interested in editing your photos. I can see my photos are gradually improving over time.

I love taking photos on my iPhoneX in portrait mode! I also love giving myself and my family beautiful tanned skin, without being exposed to the sun.

On my phone I edit between Snapseed, PS Express and Lightroom CC. I’m all for simplicity, time saving and convenience.

Majority of my editing is now done in Lightroom on my phone. It took a few months of research, learning and tinkering with colours and tones to find a style that embodies who I am. Believe me, once you create something that is an expression of yourself it will be incredibly rewarding. I have created five of my own presets, which I still change slightly for each photo. I am shocked to learn how simple they are to create and how much money people are charging for them!

I love wandering around taking photos. For me it is about making memories with my family. Your precious time and photos should not become about making money, getting free things or likes (unless you are a real photographer taking photos of other people - they should pay you). Never force a photo. Capture the moment, if it isn’t instagram worthy share it on your stories.


Apps! LensLight (for sunbeams and moons),

Quickshot (for beautiful skies),

Flipper (to mirror image),

Easy Eraser (to make objects disappear),

Unfold (for my instagram stories).

I have PhotoShop on my desktop, which allows me to use ‘The Luxe Lens’ overlays, for bubbles, snow, sparkles, leaves, rain, you name it! Although there is probably an app that does this now.

Find a style that suits you, think about colours around your home, where you holiday or even clothes you wear. Consider the direction you would like your page to go in. Dark and moody, bright and colourful, a hint of pink, earthy, crisp white, magical fairy unicorn and mermaids - the possibilities are endless.

Use natural light.

To enhance blue eyes take away shadows.

The most important thing is to have fun, you can create any image you can dream.

*All my before and afters can be found in my story highlights under ‘Edits’

Rhianna Bruscella