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mia 21sep2001

Mias birth story 

The text book pregnancy and birth.

At 18 I fell pregnant, after the initial worried feelings, along with morning sickness, I enjoyed being pregnant. The only part I was unable to enjoy was the judgement from others about being a young mum. I decided not find out the gender. 

I was at work on the Thursday and started feeling contractions, which I disregarded as braxton hicks as I still had three weeks before she was due. On the Thursday night I was alone and did not sleep one wink, I saw blood at 4am, but waited until 6am to call my mum who quickly came to take me to the hospital. I was having contractions every nine minutes and was told by the hospital to go home pack a bag and return. I returned to the hospital with a bag of g strings. (G-strings and maternity pads don’t go yo!)

The labour was very text book contractions were getting stronger and more regular throughout the afternoon. I had a bath at the hospital at around 3pm and everything is a bit of a blur after that. I started gas and had a shot of pethadine, which made me throw up. Screaming for hours things like 'I want chocolate' and 'I want jelly'. A few pushes later, my waters broke as my baby entered the world, my stomach instantly went flat (ahhh my 18 year old body) and out popped Mia. 7:47pm 21.09.2001.

I went from having zero breasts to feeling like Jessica Rabbit when my milk came in. I had a few stitches down below, but recovery was incredibly easy. 

For the arrival of my first beautiful daughter my mum, sister and Mias dad were all present. It was such a wonderful (and painful) experience. I cried tears of happiness. 


Maple Luxe

Maple Luxe

maple 22jan2016

Maples birth story 

At 32 after doing all the 'grown up stuff' building a home, being financially stable and getting married. My husband and I were ready to try and make a baby. It was a very fun time to share with my husband and I was certain we would create a honeymoon baby because we both wanted a baby so much. It didn't happen, I remember the heartache and disappointment, I remember buying 100 pregnancy tests and ovulating kits and wondering why it hadn't happened. Was it something I ate? Did I not stand on my head long enough? 

Eventually the stick had two lines, I knew I was pregnant because the very second I fell pregnant - I was sick... So very sick! 

Again we decided to keep the gender as a surprise.

 I felt round ligament pain so painful I was in tears. I was told by my GP there was a 90% chance this pregnancy was ectopic and I would loose my fallopian tube and the baby. Acid reflux started really early on, I constantly had the hiccups and my throat burnt... Not even sleeping in a sitting position fixed it. As a result of the acid in my mouth my teeth started to ache. On our babymoon in Vanuatu the beautiful warm weather made my thighs chaff. I had horrible hayfever and had to cross my legs whenever I sneezed to stop myself peeing my pants. I also had gestational diabetes, which meant checking my blood sugar levels four times a day.  
I felt disappointed in myself for not staying in 'shape', for taking medication, for not having the same easy experience I had with my first pregnancy, feeling sorry for myself when I knew people were dealing with much greater challenges! 

Finally after what felt like the longest pregnancy in the world at 39 weeks I was booked in to be induced. Still wearing heels I was checked in to the maternity ward to have a trace on on the baby and it was determined that I was already having contractions. I remember joking to James about how easy it was because I couldn't feel them...

I was given a hormone to insert and popped myself to bed in the hospital while James went home ready to be induced at 6am... All night I was up walking around the maternity ward in pain, having regular contractions. I didn't want to disturb anyone so I kept to myself. James arrived and we walked / waddled to the delivery room together and it was game on!

My waters were broken, no induction required... I felt the urge to poo, so I held on, I was clenching my bum cheeks and begging for a cesarean. They began to prep me for a cesarean  when my ob arrived and very sternly said 'The baby is right there - stop sucking the gas and PUSH'. Sure enough I stopped clenching my bum, pushed and Maple arrived! Little did I know that in that moment I had broken my coccyx bone! Again a few stitches later recovery was fairly simple.  

Tears of joy - I no longer felt nauseous and had my second beautiful baby girl safe in my arms.   

Manning James

Manning James

manning 6sep2017

Mannings birth story 

At 33 after what was the most horrible pregnancy my husband and I decided to go back for another. We had unprotected sex once and I was pregnant. It was very fast and felt very overwhelming. I was not sick at all!!! 

I had a feeling that it may be a baby boy in my belly as I didn't feel nausious at all, we decided to find out the gender and we were right! A little boy! 

I reached the half way point of this pregnancy peacefully with zero sickness and pain. Then while on a family holiday in China, I noticed getting out of bed was difficult, but thought it was round ligament pain again or from walking so much on our holiday. The pain got worse and became more intense. At my 20 week ultrasound they noticed something was not correct within my pelvis. By 24 weeks I was diagnosed with separated pubis symphis, I had seen a chiropractor and physiotherapist, was given three hip stability belts and the pain continued to escalate. At 32 weeks I called my maternal health nurse in tears and she suggested I see an osteo, the osteo made me feel better and suggested I ask for an epidural so I had a chance at delivering naturally. 

In the end I cried constantly and felt blue about the whole pregnancy. My husband had to take time off work to help look after me and Maple - who I hadn't been able to pick up for months. 

At 37 weeks after copious amounts of raspberry leaf tablets and full pineapples I went to my pregnancy care appointment and spoke to the most incredible obstetrician. Again I was crying about how terrible I am at making babies, she booked me in to be induced, gave me a stretch and sweep and sent me on my way. The moment I hobbled out on crutches from that room I felt pains, different pains... I got home and could no longer get up the stairs in our home, so I sat and cried (some more). 

Again all night I was up going to the toilet and at 5am I saw blood, so my husband and I jumped in the car and on the way to the hospital we were timing that the contractions were every three minutes. We were lucky to be given a bed (Sep 6th is a busy day in the delivery rooms) I started on gas when I arrived and it worked until 10am when I asked for the epidural... The epidural was heavenly! I was able to relax and was no longer in pain from the separated pubis symphis or contractions. I was able to have a laugh, make phone calls and move about. I vomited, but other than that it was the most amazing, peaceful and relaxed birth I could ever have imagined! A few little pushes later and Manning my first son and last child arrived.

He looked a little batted from being stuck in my wonky pelvis and it took me a little longer to bond with him, but his little face and perfect dimples completed our family. 

I felt incredibly liberated knowing that I would never have to go through another pregnancy. I am beyond grateful for our three happy, healthy humans.