“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” - J.M. Barrie,Peter Pan

In sheer desperation to reclaim our living space from tiny humans our undercover outdoor area was converted into a magical playroom.

We started by paying a hefty sum to have wind and water proof roller blinds installed. My husband then covered the bricks with blue board and painted it. (Dulux Shell Haven Quarter) We already had an outdoor ceiling heater, which we found we used often over Winter here in Geelong.

Moving all the kids toys in to this room was a glorious day! This is the room where my children have asked to leave to park to go home for. I am constantly mixing it up and switching the toys around, so they can grow and learn with the room. There is truly something a little dreamy and magical about this space. The sun reflects on the pool and beams of light sparkle on the roof, as if tiny fairies are dancing amongst the children.

The room is divided up into a few areas; kitchen and cafe, cubby house, slide and ball pit, music, a reading nook, fairyland and the very important ‘the lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ cupboard, which is where you can find our puzzles, arts and crafts, play dough, rice, pouring cups, kinetic sand, bubbles, stamps and all our other go-to play items.


Maples Room

Perhaps you fall asleep and dream of emerald mountains, turquoise waters and golden sunshine. But certainly this is a place for you to fall asleep and dream of a magical world to explore.

Peacock rattan bedhead, cain chair, shelf and duchess were all purchased second hand from ebay, facebook market place and Geelong Mil Markets. Maple and I hand picked flowers from Nanny's garden and pressed them, then placed them in frames.

Rainbow weave



Fairy Door

Small Rainbow

Olliella picnic basket

Rocking horse

Esquire Central Transitional Beige Ruge from Lost Design Society

Oatmeal 100% Flax Linen Queen Size Quilt


Boys+room (1).jpg

Mannings Nursery

As the moonlight shines and the world seems quite, may you dream of a world as sweet as you.

The cot, rocking chair and drawers were all upcycled from Maples nursery, which were sourced from local shops around Geelong.

Linen cot sheet

Art and Olliella trolley

Canopy and star cushion

Stunning Weave



Rug was purchased from ebay, I can no longer find details- I searched boho rug. Little shelf fillers were purchased from small buinesses I found on instagram. Details can be found on insta.