Maple's Third Fairy Garden Party

A fairy party for a three year old who believes in fairies. Maple loves to play with her fairies and some days I am lucky enough that fairy play entertains her for up to an hour!

Her favourite animals to visit at the Zoo are the butterflies, because they have wings like fairies.

In the months leading up to her special day Maple had been asking people if they were coming to her party. We made our own flower crowns, beeswax candles, dried flower arrangements in crystal vases and magic wands for our guests.

Our little social butterfly loves chatting and loves people. She finds wonder and magic in everyone. The greatest gift she received for her third birthday was a warm Summer afternoon to dress up and play fairies with her family and friends. 22.01.2019


Once upon a time in fairyland, 
Adventure and laughter went hand in hand.

On a Summer day, Maple turned three. 
A gentle fairy, named after a tree.

Blonde curls, blue eyes and a beaming smile. 
Little chats may last a while.

Every song is her jam. 
Her dance moves are hot damn.

Days are filled with sunbeams. 
Nights are for dreaming big dreams.

Wearing a crown, tutu and wings, 
We are excited to learn what turning three brings.

Happy third birthday Maple Luxe 


Platter ‘Say Cheese Platters’



Fairy Wings ‘Fairy Trade’



Cake Topper


Fairy Floss and Popcorn Treats

Rhianna Bruscella