We know that working with kids can be a challenge - do you have any tips to share with other mums to help them beautifully capture those special moments with their kids?

My children are most photogenic while sleeping. To capture an awake moment I ensure they are well rested, with full tummies. Kids are naturally curious, let them explore their surroundings, follow their lead. Make it playful.

Hustling a child to look at the camera can be a two person gig. While I capture photos, my husband is usually in the background auditioning the be the 5th Wiggle with an enthusiastic song and dance routine to get their attention. Blowing bubbles is also a goodie.

Having had your first child at 18, do you have any advice for young women entering into motherhood at a young age?

You’ve made yourself a best friend for life! NOTE You will use the term ‘best friend’ more than your child. It’s a blessing that you share so much of your lives together.

Motherhood for me is as wonderfully challenging at 36 as it was 18. No parent really knows parent what they are doing, learn from your baby, as your baby will learn from you. Go with whatever works for both of you and take advice with a grain of salt. It will come naturally, those motherly instincts are strong.

No matter your age, some days motherhood will have you feeling incredible, like Mariah Carey in the ‘Dreamlover’ music film clip, other days you will feel like the Mariah who struggles to lip sync her own songs. Always remember to find and focus on the positives. Parent with kindness and you will shape an incredible little human.

How do you deal with the pressures of maintaining such a beautiful and inspiring social media presence?

I love taking photos and writing. Social media is our family photo album, my journal, a creative outlet, free from pressure, without expectations. I always ensure that if a person takes time to reach out or write, that I reply. Staying true to myself and remembering that each person is living a life as vivid and complex as my own.

How do you decide what you do and don’t share when it comes to intimate family moments?

Recently I’ve shared a few more intimate posts that have allowed me to connect with inspirational women on a deeper level. This was really difficult for me to do as I’m awkward in front of the camera and not one to chat about challenging times, but it was nice to open up and be vulnerable, show a different side. At heart I’ve always been a happy-go-lucky, earth loving, magic seeking soul, I hope that reflects on my social media pages. When someone scrolls past my photos and captions, I would like to leave them with a cute, feel good smile.

As far as things completely off limits; our address, daily routines, places we visit. I wait until we have left a location before sharing photos.

Do you think social media can act as a lifeline, providing social connection and support for new mothers who may otherwise struggle with isolation?

Social media absolutely has the power to help people feel less isolated. It’s a little app that allows you to connect with lovely, like minded mama bears. It’s refreshing to know others are experiencing the highs and lows of this parenting journey.

It’s also good for the soul to get out and about, explore the world, catch up with family, friends or parenting groups in real life. It may also cause belly laughs.

Mindfully limit your social media time, the most important thing is your little ones. No one will remember an instagram post in ten years, your children will remember you reading them a bedtime story.

Rhianna Bruscella