Let's hear it for New York!


Second stop on our honeymoon, New York. Despite my lack of Winter clothes (seriously I was on my honeymoon and thought the entire holiday was going to be a tropical paradise) and the fact that New York in April is FREEZING, not snowing unfortunately, the air is simply icy! I fell in love, I could easily have stayed for six months. With so much to see and do. For a big city, New York sure is pretty!



We stayed in Times Square at the Sheraton http://www.sheratonnewyork.com/ It was very central. They were in the process of upgrading the hotel during our stay. 



Central Park Tour on the back of a bike. 

Visit the Guggenheim Museum 

Hang out and shop in Times Square. I would love to go back in Winter while it is snowing to watch the ball drop on New Years. 

Empire State Building... So tall - I was actually scared of heights for the first time.

I LOVED the Rockefeller tour and ice skating. 

Visit the sights - Sex and the City, Seinfeld.

Sit front row at a basketball game! I thought we would be sitting with JayZ and Beyonce, but sitting a few seats from Phil Collins was epic.

Go to a comedy show at Dangerfields. 

Twin Tour Memorial.

Statue of Liberty.

There are so many things to do, I need to go back!

Rhianna Bruscella