Bambino Mio

All of a suddenly you have a baby and you’re overthinking everything. The future of our world and your precious bubba can be a daunting thought. We all dream of leaving the earth beautiful for our children. Then each day we fill our bins with nappies.

Here are some super scary facts…

  • Disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to decompose

  • Plastic will outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050

  • 150,000,000 tons are in our oceans

  • 15% of household waste in the USA is disposable nappies

  • Choosing reusable swim nappies can help save 6,000 tons of nappies thrown away each day

Not only are ‘Bambino Mio’ swim nappies great for the environment, they are made in Europe, they come in the sweetest designs, they will save you money and they are super comfy on little bums. The soft, lightweight fabric will not weigh your baby down in the water and can be washed as normal.

Perfect for weekly swim lessons or outdoor water play. They cater for kids up to 15kg. I can’t wait for Manning to grow, to purchase the next size up. The ‘Blue Squid’, ‘Deep Sea Yellow’ and ‘Seahorse’ designs are my top picks.

They have also created handy wet bags to transport all damp items in, which will allow you to keep everything else dry. These will also come in handy while toilet training! You have to check out the ‘Sail Away’ bag!

I wish I had found them sooner! If we each do our little bit towards a beautiful world, it will turn in to a big bit. Oh and did I mention they will be available to purchase in Aldi stores around Australia from today? Please do your babies bottom and the environment a favour, go reusable with ‘Bambino Mio’!

Rhianna Bruscella